Camusdarach Beach was featured in the 1983 film Local Hero and is a must for film buffs. Even if you're not a film buff, then this beach has powder fine sand, multiple beaches within walking distance and is encapsulated by sand dunes.
Camusdarach Beach Detailed Information
  • Famous for its role in the 1983 film, “Local Hero”
  • Car parking nearby
  • Dog-friendly
  • Views of the Smal Isles, Eigg especially on a nice day
  • Multiple beaches in one short walk from each other

Camusdarach Beach is a stretch of coastline located on the west coast of Scotland, just south of the town of Mallaig & River Morar estuary.

The beach has stunning white sand beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The area is also surrounded by amazing hills, mountains & islands, offering visitors views of the surrounding landscape.

On one side lies the jagged crest of Cuillin on the Isle of Skye, whilst further out is the isle Eigg’s steep sea cliffs and Rùm just beyond. On the right day, you can see for miles & miles here. There is plenty to do here,  from swimming in its waters to rock pooling or simply taking a stroll along the shoreline

In addition, this beach was also featured in the movie “Local Hero” which makes this beach popular with tourists on the NC500 route who are film buffs and want to see the location where the film was made.

Just a short drive away is the town of Mallaig, which offers a range of restaurants, cafes, and shops and a ferry terminal providing access to the nearby Isle of Skye. You are also not that far away from Glenfinnan Viaduct on the road back down south through the North Coast 500 route.

Parking Tip: There is a carpark at the beach, it’s small though and can only take 8-10 cars. If you intend to visit this beach, arrive early or late in the day to get a spot during the summer season (the address for the carpark is below).

Camusdarach Beach Claim to Fame!

Camusdarach Beach is famous for its appearance in the 1983 film “Local Hero”.

The film tells the story of an American oil executive who is sent to a remote Scottish village to negotiate the sale of a beach that the company plans to use as a location for an oil refinery. The movie was a commercial success and helped to bring attention to the stunning natural beauty of the Scottish coastline. And wow this beach is beautiful, just look at the photos.

The beach plays a prominent role in the film, serving as the location of the beach that the oil company wants to purchase. The beach’s pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters are showcased throughout the movie (again see the photos and video below of Camusdarach Beach) and helped to establish the area as a popular tourist destination in the years following the film’s release (hence why we’re discussing it here!).

Camusdarach Beach Video

In the video below you can see the different beaches and bays at Camusdarach Beach

Common Questions About Camusdarach Beach

These are the common questions people ask about Camusdarach Beach answered for you.

Where is Camusdarach Beach located?

Camusdarach Beach is just south of Mallaig, the address for sat nav is “Mallaig PH40 4PD”. Camusdarach Beach is actually made up of one larger beach and several smaller ones.

Is there parking at Camusdarach Beach?

Yes. There is parking at Camusdarach beach. The car park is called Camusdarach Beach Car Park and the address is “Glenencross, Morar, Mallaig PH40 4PD”

Is it safe to swim at Camusdarach Beach?

Yes. It is safe to swim at Camusdarach beach. With crystal clear waters and super fine sand, on a summer’s day, it is an amazing place to play in the water.

Where is the secret beach in Scotland?

Camusdarach Beach is one of Scotland’s hidden beaches. It’s so beautiful it was featured in the 1983 film “Local Hero”. Consisting of 3 beaches and you arrive over deep sand dunes from he small carpark. Camusdarach Beach sports amazing views of the Isle of Sky, Eigg & Rùm.

Is Camusdarach Beach dog friendly?

Yes. Camusdarach Beach is dog friendly like the vast majority of beaches around North Coast 500 in the Scottish Highlands. Remember to be a responsible pet owner!

How long is Camusdarach Beach?

Camusdarach main beach is approximately 280m metres wide. If we account for the 3 side beaches/bays, the total beach length is approximately 500 metres.

Is there a boat ferry to Camusdarach Beach?

No, not directly. But there is a ferry from the Isle of Skye to the “Mallaig Ferry Terminal” just north of the beach. This ferry serves the ports of Armadale, Canna, Eigg, Lochboisdale, Mallaig, Muck, Oban & Rum.

Pets Welcome
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B8008 , Morar, Scotland PH40 4PD, United Kingdom

Camusdarach Beach Location

The address for Camusdarach Beach we have is: B8008 , Morar, Scotland PH40 4PD, United Kingdom. Use the map below for a closer view.

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