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Anna Macneil is a small family business which designs and creates unique textile products using hand-woven tweeds and tartans. Every item they produce is made on the premises, inspired by the history and landscape of Scotland’s Highlands & Islands. The Workshop – an old wooden building constructed in 1880 as a joiners’ workshop – has become a hub of activity for Anna Macneil’s small team; mother, daughter, granddaughter all designing items with yarns, fabrics and fibres. Customers have various options to choose from; whether it be something simple like memento of their holiday or perhaps even bespoke one-off garment made specifically for them. At The Workshop you can watch how things are created; such as weaving tweed on the hand loom or cutting out material that will soon take shape into popular hats at one of many sewing machines located there or working away at state-of-the art laser cutting machine embroidery machines too! There is also retail area where visitors can browse through an eclectic collection of product including bags cushions hats scarves keyrings wall hangings wraps capes dresses coats jackets traditional steel boned corsets among other available textiles – all offered ready to buy off shelf if desired! For more specific commissions such feltmaking classes are sometimes held short notice should guests find themselves looking for something fun during rainy days whilst holidaying nearby too Ecclesiastical embroidery services being another specialist line that customers may request assistance within commissioning when visiting The Workshops No two days here ever quite look same If particular project requires attention then do give call ahead visit so Team Anna McNeil sure accommodate time spent there Always welcome pop whenever possible though

Pets Welcome
Wifi Available
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10:00AM to 4:00PM Tuesdays to Fridays, 11:00AM to 3:00PM Saturdays (summer only)
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