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Ceannabeinne Beach is a stunning beach located at the very top of Scotland that offers a beautiful and peaceful retreat for on the North Coast 500 and also locals too.

With its clear blue waters and golden sand, Ceannabeinne Beach is a perfect spot to enjoy a sunny day, take in the beautiful scenery and just chill. The beach is easily accessible as the main road passes close by and there is parking available. Despite its beauty, the beach is often empty of people, making it an excellent destination for those seeking a more quieter beach experience.

Ceannabeinne Beach has something for everyone. Adventure lovers can try the Golden Eagle Zipline, located at the beach. For those interested in history, Ceannabeinne Township Trail offers a fascinating insight into the once-thriving crofting community, home to some 50 people across 14 houses.

Ceannabeinne Beach 4K Drone Video

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Ceannabeinne Beach is located just west of Rispond and the address for satellite navigation is A838, Lairg IV27 4QE. The beach is located underneath Beinn Ceannabeinne which has a 383 elevation.

Can you Wild Camp at Ceannabeinne Beach?

During the summer months, you will frequently be able to spot tents camping on the grassy areas of Ceannabeinne Beach

What is Ceannabeinne Beach also know as?

Ceannabeinne Beach was known as Traigh Alt Chailgeag which translates to “the beach of the burn of bereavement and death”.

Can You Surf at Ceannabeinne Beach?

Yes. There is even a surf school called North Coast Watersports that use this beach for surfing lessons.

How do you pronounce Ceannabeinne Beach?

If you were to say “can of beans” you would be very close to the pronunciation Ceannabeinne

What is the History of Ceannabeinne?

Ceannabeinne is a ruined village located in the parish of Durness in the far north of the Highlands of Scotland. The name Ceannabeinne is Gaelic for “the end of the mountains,” and the village is situated on the coast overlooking the sea.

The area has a rich history and was visited by Sir Walter Scott, the famous novelist, in 1814. The nearby historic harbour of Rispond was built in 1788 and is a short walk over the hill from the beach to the East. Ceannabeinne Beach was once known as Traigh Alt Chailgeag, which translates to the “beach of the burn of bereavement and death.” According to legend, a lady died after falling in the burn, and she was found on the beach.

Today, the area is popular with tourists and locals alike who come to enjoy the gold sands, surf and outstanding beauty. This is definitely a stop worth making on your North Coast 500 experience.


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A838 , Scotland IV27 4QE, United Kingdom

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