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At the serene Dornoch Firth, among the golden barley fields close to Tain’s Royal Burgh lies Glenmorangie Distillery. Here you can be welcomed by our select craftsmen – The Men of Tain. They have passed down their expertise and skills over generations, dedicating themselves to creating high-quality single malt whisky for 175 years now. Our tours offer a thorough exploration into all stages of production at Glenmorangie distillery: mashing and fermenting; distilling and maturing with insight from expert guides. In the majestic Still House (our own Highland Cathedral), we house Scotland’s tallest stills that vaporize only purest vapours which form an aromatic spirit beverage in its highest quality! As you visit traditional warehouses made of earth floors, learn how we stay ahead in this industry with the finest casks aging methods that yield best possible whisky results through time!

Pets Welcome
Wifi Available
Accessible or Level Parking
Opening Hours
10:00AM to 5:00PM
Contact Information
Glenmorangie Drove , Scotland IV19 1PZ, United Kingdom

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The address for Glenmorangie Distillery we have is: Glenmorangie Drove , Scotland IV19 1PZ, United Kingdom. Use the map below for a closer view.

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