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Cared for by the National Trust for Scotland, Inverewe Garden is an award-winning destination full of wonderful botanicals and colours. Home to Scotland’s ‘Big 5’ species and a range of pre-historic trees, such as Wollemi pines, it’s like no other place on earth with plants from China, Nepal and India thriving due to the effects of the Gulf Stream. With numerous designations recognising its importance as a species rich habitat there are plenty of activities available both within garden walls or out in nature. Wildlife hide overlooking Loch Ewe gives visitors chance to spot coastal birds, seals and otters while Pinewood Trail offers low level walks with incredible views across gardenscape. Step into interactive museum located inside Inverewe House which features many objects that can be handled along with games suitable for all ages including younger ones who have Global Garden trail map & passport at their disposal waiting to be explored alongside Savage Garden displaying insect eating plants near pond where they will also get opportunity feed them – something not many places offer! Ranger service hosts children events throughout summer months while additional pop up festivals take place year round inviting everyone discover what this unique corner has prepared – don’t forget browse gift shop before you leave! To relax try self serve licensed cafe nearby serving homemade soups & cakes or visit The Bothy closeby offering coffee/snack accompanied stunning view across lake Ewe plus holiday accommodation available rent if you’d like stay longer enjoy free run garden night morning without hustle bustle day crowds around visiting hours limit closing times etc..

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