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The Moray Firth is well-known for its resident population of dolphins, making it one of the best places in Europe to see these creatures living in their natural habitat. Experts estimate that around 130 bottlenose dolphins inhabit this North Sea inlet. Visitors often spot them leaping out from the water close to shore or even swimming alongside harbor seals which are common sights along mudbanks and sandy shores. Further out, harbour porpoises, white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, pilot whales and killer whales can sometimes be seen passing through as well! The coastline offers a wealth of wildlife watching opportunities with an abundance of animals and plants inhabiting the area such as wildfowls and waders while otters roam throughout freely. Ospreys soar overhead hunting for fish while rare oyster plants add a vibrant splash of color on shingle beaches where seabirds nest among cliffsides too. Red kites have been reintroduced into the region successfully; they’re easy to spot gliding over farmland northward towards Inverness city limits! On southern shores lies Culbin Forest standing atop one Britain’s largest sand dune systems accompanied by 7 km long Culbin Bar – left unaltered since its formation ages ago – providing additional habitats teeming with native Caledonian forest life like pine trees draped with mosses & ferns abundant badgers near Inverness plus spread across Scotland: once endangered but now widely found Pine Martins thrive here today!

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