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A fun route with great variety and beautiful scenery – 12 or 24 miles. Loch an Eilean means loch of the island in Gaelic and its castle dates from the 12th century. The visitor centre here provides general information about the Cairngorms, plus toilets and a car park. Not far away are Rothiemurchus’s Scots pine woods which not only reflect how Scotland used to be but also offer stunning beauty as they expand naturally due to fencing that keeps deer out of this protected area. Places to eat can be found at The Boathouse Restaurant at Loch Insh (100 metres off-route), Kincraig village (slightly off route) has a small shop, hotel, plus excellent B&Bs; there is also a sailing school and sandy beach nearby for those wanting more than just food! Uath Lochan offers nature trails so you can take in views of the magnificent Cairngorm Mountains whilst enjoying your picnic lunch before continuing on your journey around this figure eight shaped circuit – each loop being either 12 or 24 miles depending on preference. The northern loop takes you round Loch an Eilean where access is available via B970 running from Inverdruie to Feshiebridge or by following one of many trails around neighbouring Loch Morlich further east; remember if walking/cycling on shared paths give way when necessary! After leaving visitors’ centre cross river then bear right along shoreline until fork leads left towards Morlich – take right turn instead followed by left 100 metres after crossing burn leading onto narrow footpath towards Gamhna after which another turning should see you heading back toward An Eilean passing bothy en route through plantation forest eventually rejoining public road opposite huts/chalets taking right hand turn upon reaching main road back towards starting point near loch itself . Southern Loop: Lagganlia – Achlean -LochInsh–Feshiebridge section requires start from junction between B970 & minor road north Feshiebridge before progressing southwards past Hostel & uphill path alongside cottage ruins beside burning bridge leading over flat heather grassland terrain upriver until arriving at Uath Lochan complete with serene mountain backdrop perfect for picnicking prior to descent down western glen side joiningB 970 again 4miles later travelling gently upwards through gorge finally exiting close beginning spot thus completing lap’ssmileage as required !

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Scotland , United Kingdom

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