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A visit to the WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre is a great way to spend your day, with free entry and activities that you can participate in. You’ll also have an opportunity to learn all about whales and dolphins commonly seen in the Moray Firth! This region of Scotland houses around 190 bottlenose dolphins – they are the biggest population of this species found at such a northerly point on Earth. Aside from these mammals, there are many other animals living here like seabirds, otters, ospreys seals harbour porpoises basking sharks minke whales and common dolphins. The visitor centre serves as Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s public face; it has been built inside a 250 year old former salmon fishing station located where River Spey meets North Sea. At this spot one may observe dolphin sightings near shoreline along with osprey seals birdsand sometimes even ottersthe list goes on! There are different types of events organised for visitors including land based dolphin watching daily tours through historic Tugnet icehouse (Scotland’s largest remaining icehouse) guided wildlife walks family fun days etcetera Additionally gift shop cafe interactive exhibition area detailing recent findings will ensure everyone gets informed about world’s wonderful aquatic creatures alongside awareness raised by WDC concerning conservation attempts done not only within Scotland but throughout entire planet too

Pets Welcome
Wifi Available
Accessible or Level Parking
Opening Hours
Thursday – Monday, 10:30am to 4pm
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