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This first section is quite easy – the first part is on a canal towpath. The Great Glen Cycle Route runs from Fort William to Inverness and most of it, up until Laggan, is relatively straightforward as it follows along the Caledonian Canal Towpath which has no traffic. After Laggan however, there are some very hilly areas with long climbs and steep descents before finishing off in Inverness by road cycling. There’s also an accompanying walking route called the Great Glen Way which mostly follows along the same path but diverges at certain points only accessible to walkers. The Great Glen divides between Northern Highlands and Central Highlands with its highest point reaching 35 metres above sea level though parts of this cycle route can reach heights over 300 metres! The famous Thomas Telford designed Caledonian Canal opened in 1822 featuring spectacular scenery including Ben Nevis; Britain’s tallest mountain standing at 1344 meters tall just 4 miles away from sea level plus impressive cliffs rising 1500 feet high that sometimes hold semi-permanent snow patches too! To begin your journey take A82 north out of Fort William then turn west onto A830 (signed Mallaig) where you will find a dedicated cycle lane leading towards Banavie swingbridge crossing over into canal towpath side on east bank passing through Neptune’s Staircase – 8 locks lifting water levels 64 feet higher than original sealevel entrypoint – here be aware for pedestrians sharing space so stay considerate & keep shut all gates marked ‘keep sheep out’ located along passage ending eventually Gairlochy junction where B8005 taken further Clunes direction skirting lochshores enroute exhibiting intermittent views across landscape hills backdrop

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