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A fairly gentle forest road by Loch Lochy. The Great Glen Cycle Route runs from Fort William to Inverness, with most of the route being easy. Starting at Fort William, it follows the Caledonian Canal Towpath which is traffic free and leads up to Laggan where there are hilly sections with long climbs and steep descents before reaching Inverness which requires some road cycling. There is also a walking route – The Great Glen Way – much of which shares the same path as that of the cycle route but has different parts dedicated exclusively for walkers only. The divide between Northern Highlands and Central Highlands lies within this area known as ‘Great Glen’, although its watershed is 35 metres above sea level, routes can lead cyclists higher than 300 metres during their journey through Scotland’s unique scenery including Ben Nevis (1344m) whose summit stands four miles away from sea level giving full appreciation to its height when seen from canal distance; making it Britain’s highest sheer cliff face (1500ft). It also holds one semi-permanent snow patch in sight throughout your trip! Starting off at Clunes turn right into forestry worker houses beside Loch Lochy – be aware that these tracks may not connect continuously so sticking near loch shore will be best option; even though flat areas aren’t entirely available here either! As you head towards north end roads convert back into track until eventually arriving at Laggan followed by another forest near other side: Loc Oich where caution should be taken due to high gradients involved on next stretch along Great Glenn Cycle Route – avoid A82 if possible since heavy traffic/narrow sections present themselves here too often enough otherwise look out for signs leading you further down great glen way!

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