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Cawdor Castle was built in 1370, when clubs were used often in Scotland but not for sports purposes. In recent years the game has been modernized and now people use golf to pick on small white balls rather than each other. At Cawdor they have been doing so with pleasure since 1976 over 25 acres of mature parkland that stretches 1429 yards (par 32). It is a course that can entertain seasoned players as well as novices alike; its record is 27 strokes – if you don’t beat this there’s always the castle restaurant or snack bar available for refreshment afterwards!

Pets Welcome
Wifi Available
Accessible or Level Parking
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Open All Year
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B9090 , Cawdor, Scotland IV12 5RE, United Kingdom

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The address for Cawdor Castle Golf Course we have is: B9090 , Cawdor, Scotland IV12 5RE, United Kingdom. Use the map below for a closer view.

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