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The Clan Gunn Heritage Centre is dedicated to telling the story of one of Scotland’s oldest clans, tracing its roots all the way back to its Norse origins. Housed in the Latheron Parish Church, which was built in 1734, this heritage centre offers an extensive archive that contains some of the best information on Clan Gunn and its place in Scottish Highland history. Gunns from all over the world come here on a pilgrimage to this remarkable museum, which also provides insight into Scotland’s own Norse heritage. The centre delves deeper into the role played by Clan Gunn during the 1745 uprising and explores how the Highland clearances impacted society and agriculture.

Pets Welcome
Wifi Available
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Opening Hours
1 Jun - 30 Sep
Contact Information
A99 , Scotland KW5 6DN, United Kingdom

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The address for Clan Gunn Heritage Centre we have is: A99 , Scotland KW5 6DN, United Kingdom. Use the map below for a closer view.

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